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Discover the Rewards of Education

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Get Your GED

A GED credential is the FIRST step in improving your pay, your job, and your life. Get started today! No matter your age, educational background, or lifestyle-BrainGym can take you from start to finish with flexible plans and quality help!

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Find a Home to Study


Looking for a quiet, guided spot to do your homework or study for something?BrainGym is your go-to spot! Experienced educators and tutors will be readily available to get you the grades you need, get a leg up at work, and keep you on track with your educational visions!

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BrainGym's Educators


Laura has 20+ years of teaching experience. 10 years in a high school setting, and 10+ years teaching GED to diverse adult learners. Laura is very passionate about education and can help with numerous subjects from math to science to reading and language arts to social studies! Specialty tutors are hired based on need and expertise as subjects demand.

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Flexible Hours, Get Your Goals Accomplished on Your Schedule

Hours include mornings, evenings, weekends, and by private appointment. You can come to BrainGym to study when your schedule allows!

Various Plans and Services Tailored to Your Needs


GED plans include private tutoring, group tutoring, custom materials, readiness exams, and educational "boot camps". Different monthly contracts are available, dependent on what you need! 

BrainGym's Mission


Our mission is to create a friendly, experienced, unique, adult (16+) study environment resulting in accomplishment, better jobs, better grades, promotions, and the self satisfaction that comes through learning. Learning at BrainGym is fresh, flexible, and customized to each student!

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